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Services Overview
At Cox Web Design, whatever your e-business problem, we have the solution. Specialising in e-commerce systems for Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs), we have helped small businesses develop from concept to very successful and ever expanding organisations. It is our ethos to assist our customers every step of the way with their online business. Growing and evolving in unison to provide the highest quality online systems that allow your business to cope with your online business strategy.

Although every business is different and the solutions we provide are very ‘ad-hoc’ by nature, there are set services that we offer to all our customers, which are all fully customised to meet the criteria of your business. Select a service from the left hand menu to discover how Cox Web Design could help you.

Website Design
The initial step for any company that is looking to generate online business is to quite simply get something up and running that reflects your company’s image, promotes your services and acts as your customer’s gateway to the services that you provide. This process is often termed ‘generating an online presence’ and is arguably one of the most important aspects of online systems.

If you already have a company website, take a step back and decide whether your current site really promotes your company the way you want it to. Does it look professional, how does it fair against your competitors’ sites and how would you view your site as a potential customer? If your site is lacking in any of these areas give us a call. Unlike many of our competitors we work directly with our clients to reproduce their vision and portray their company the way in which they envision it.

Cox Web Design works with its customers from the ground up. All our sites are designed to the very highest standards, complying with both the latest XHTML and CSS standards set out by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). In essence this provides a mark of assurance that the pages we produce are well formed and will be as consistent as possible across all web browsers that adhere to the W3C standards.

We are also strong believers in finding the perfect balance between presentation, functionality and accessibility. Other designers sometimes focus too heavily on one or two of these particular elements, producing pretty websites that are impossible to use, or functional websites that look bland, unimaginative and unprofessional.

Have a look at our previous work for examples of how we succeed at drawing your attention to the site design and then provide a simple, yet effective navigational system to allow you to easily access the information you need in the quickest manner possible.

This is an area of web development where Cox Web Design can really make the difference. E-commerce is essentially the process of trading online which, in its simplest form, involves being able to display your products or services within an online catalogue and also providing your customers with a method of securely paying for their purchases online.

E-commerce has many benefits over traditional retail, removing many of the overheads required to set up a physical retail outfit. Customers make their own decisions with regards to buying products based heavily on the information provided on your site. This removes the need for sales people and therefore keeps both your costs and prices as low as possible.

Cox Web Design e-commerce systems provide a fully customisable solution that not only allows you to trade online, but also provides benefits such as:

  • The ability to easily add, remove and modify existing products and information
  • digitally storing transaction details within a single, paperless database
  • the automatic generation and emailing of sales receipts and invoices to customers

Self managing systems such as those provided by Cox Web Design remove the headaches and mundane tasks of running an online business, so you can concentrate on the more important and interesting aspects of running your online business.

Unlike many of our competitors we don’t over bloat are systems with unwanted generic functionality. We simply determine the specifics of which tasks you need your system to perform and custom build that system to your own preferences and needs.

Bespoke Systems
Although an out of the box solution can be an affordable way to get a website up and running quickly, in the long term, we have found that such solutions can have a negative effect on the productivity of a business.

The problem is that every business is different. Off the shelf solutions often try and target a specific, generic business model which may not coincide with your own way of doing things. The result of this is that businesses have to alter the way they run their business to work around the online tools they are using, which can often be an extremely inefficient way to run a business.

Bespoke online systems and websites overcome this problem, as everything is tailor made to your requirements. If you need to move a button, change the way a form works or even redesign an entire way of dealing with a process, we have full control over the way our sites function. The result is an elegant, streamlined and extendable system that won't need to be redesigned from the ground up every time you want to make any major amendments.

When it comes to bespoke web development, the process is simple. You tell us what you want your system to be able to do and we will make it happen.

In the past we have created a host of tailor-made back-end systems, from order management systems that allowed our client to easily search and manage orders, as well as printing packaging slips which really helped improve and streamline their business operations. We have also built customer relationship management (CRM) systems, used to manage tens of thousands of customers in real time and even tied in websites with clients existing software packages to provide the ultimate in streamlined website management.

Besides XHTML and CSS for standard Web Design we also have hands-on experience with a variety of other development languages and web-based technologies, our specialist areas of expertise include:

PHP, MySQL, jQuery, XML and JavaScript.

With our bespoke systems service, the sky is the limit. So give us a call to discuss your idea in further detail. Then let us turn that idea into a reality.