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Clients Overview
At the end of the day nothing speaks more volume than a strong portfolio. At Cox Web Design we pride ourselves on building strong relationships with our clients, providing ongoing support to ensure they get the most out of their online business.

To date we look after the web development needs of over 50 businesses, from start-ups and sole traders, to larger, well established companies. Whatever the size of your business, we work hard for all of our clients and aim to offer our customers the highest possible level of customer service.

To the left are just a small selection of our existing clients. Click on any of the company logos to find out more.

Tarty Bikes Website
Tarty Bikes

For Cox Web Design, life began with TartyBikes. Cox Web Design's founder, Dave Cox, started working with TartyBikes while at University, when the company was first forming. What started as a simple brochure site to display product information, soon turned into a fully functional, high-end ecommerce system and has continued to evolve ever since.

From the company's modest beginnings, TartyBikes is now the world's leading online trials bike retailer, shipping to over 75 countries worldwide and offering one of the largest selection of trials bike specific products in the world.

Over the years, the site design has been updated many times to keep up-to-date and ahead of the competition. The entire system was built by Cox Web Design from the ground up and has provided the basic e-commerce structure for many of our other e-commerce sites, providing innovation not just for our own sites, but for e-commerce sites in general.

The site itself features a custom-built AJAX shopping cart, to make purchasing and displaying products as simple as possible. The checkout incorporates a bespoke, secure credit/debit card payment system and is fully compliant with the industry PCI-DSS standards. TartyBikes customers are able to easily manage their orders via a secure, password protected area of the website, submit reviews, ask questions, watch videos and everything else you would expect from an industry leading website.

Tarty Bikes Website

The core to the TartyBikes website is its administrative back-end system. As with the website front-end, the back-end is entirely bespoke, with every last detail being tweaked and tuned to optimise TartyBikes' workflow. All invoices, receipts and email correspondence are generated automatically. The high-end ordering system allows TartyBikes to manage and amend customer orders, supports multiple payments and shipments and contains one of the most versatile promotional code systems we have ever known. The system interfaces directly with FedEx for dealing with the automatic submission of customs forms and provides content management for the vast majority of the website front-end.

As a company, TartyBikes has become one of our flagship websites. A huge amount of effort and time has gone into developing this site and it is one of our projects that we are most proud of. TartyBikes is a testament to what could be achieved when a couple of astute entrepreneurs saw a gap in the market, worked extremely hard and, of course, had a good website at the centre of it all to help make that idea a reality.

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Rail Media Website
Rail Media

Rail Media is a very well respected company within the rail industry, delivering high-quality rail related content, information, events, conferences and recruitment services to the global rail industry. Cox Web Design have a strong, ongoing working relationship with Rail Media, dating back to 2008.

While working with Rail Media, the majority of our time has been spent developing web-based systems for new upcoming business ventures, events management and their internal business management systems. Most recently, we have developed an entirely browser-based, back-end Customer Relationship Management (CRM) infrastructure for their business that manages in excess of 40,000 customer's contact and subscription information. This complex system is completely bespoke and is streamlined to coincide with the company's exact requirements, adapting to best suit their ever evolving business.

Integrated within their CRM is an entirely custom-built events management system, that is used to manage the events division of their company. Features of the events system include managing nominations, speakers, ticket orders and generating seating plans for upcoming events. The system powers all of their major events and conferences from one easy to use administration area, as well as some of the events for their partners, including Network Rail. Sites we have designed that are currently built upon this system include the Rail Staff Awards, the RailwayPeople HR, Recruitment & Skills Awards, the Rail Safety Summit Conference and the Network Rail National Plant Exhibition.

Working with Rail Media provides us with the ability to help create simple to use solutions for what can often be very large-scale, complex and difficult problems. We always step up to any challenge they throw at us and aim to strive to provide the company with the highest level of web-based development and support.

Freckeltons Website

Freckeltons is one of Loughborough's most well established estate agents, having provided real estate, surveying and property auctioneering services since 1919. They approached us looking for a complete rebuild of their website in order to stand out from the competition and provide the very best possible online experience for their customers.

Part of the project specification was to allow Freckeltons to manage the properties that appear on their website. Rather than having to create a new system, such that everything has to be managed in two different places, we instead integrated the site with their existing property management software.

The software allowed Freckeltons to export their data to the Rightmove BLM file format straight onto their web server. We took advantage of this by then reading these exported files and extracting all the data that was required and then mapping it straight across to the Freckeltons website database. The result is that the site now updates itself automatically and Freckeltons staff can continue to work as normal without any additional administrative overhead with regards to the wesbite.

Small finishing touches such as allowing the user to print out a formatted property particulars sheet and also remembering the position the user was last at when viewing properties in the list of search results, really helps add to the overall customer experience.

This project is a clear demonstration of how a bespoke web-based system can truly benefit an organisation. The long term savings over having to pay a member of staff to manage a separate, out of the box system are significant. The system is extremely efficient and ties in seamlessly with the company's workflow. Most importantly, the website also looks the business too!