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Cox Web Design is an independent web development studio, based in the town of Loughborough, Leicestershire, run and owned by professional web developer, Dave Cox. The company was started seven years ago and has an extensive customer portfolio, working closely alongside clients such as Rail Media, TartyBikes, Talent Cricket, Freckeltons and Startin Tractors to name but a few. Cox Web Design offer a fully comprehensive set of services to cater for all of your online needs; from stylish and professional web design to in-depth e-commerce systems, Cox Web Design offers an honest and reliable service, with one simple aim: 100% customer satisfaction.

Head over to the clients section to find out how Cox Web Design have helped businesses maximise their online presence and make drastic improvements to their overall workflow and productivity.


:: 1st Feb 2015 – Upcoming sites
Cox Web Design is currently working on a wide range of new and updated sites for 2015. The company continues to work extensively with Rail Media on several new ventures and reworking some of the company's existing sites to bring them bang up-to-date with the latest web design trends. Time is also being spent reworking one of the Dave's personal favourite client websites, the designs for which are coming along really well (more on this later this year). Who knows? After almost 8 years since starting the company, the Cox Web Design website may get a full redesign at some point, but as is always the case, it is the clients' work that is Cox Web Design's number one priority.

:: 31st December 2014 – Startin Tractors website
Startin Tractors are a long established business that deals with the sales of tractors and other agricultural machinery. The company approached Cox Web Design, looking to restructure their existing back-end administration system to cater for their growing business and to allow flexibility as their company continues to develop.

Cox Web Design created a new backend for the company using PHP, MySQL and the Symfony framework. The site allows the company to effectively manage their stock and orders as well as automatically generate reports and promotional material.

One of the most interesting aspects of the project was the ability to generate and scan QR code stickers to allow Startin Tractors staff to quickly look up details on a vehicle with a tablet or mobile phone, without the need to manually search for items using the website. Using a wireless connection it is possible to just scan a code and be able to directly view and edit the information for a particular vehicle while standing right next to it. Customers can also use their own mobile device to view a summary of the tractor information, such as the number of hours, registration date and power when looking for potential purchases as they venture round the company's extensive collection of vehicles.

As with all of Cox Web Design's new sites, the customer facing site and the back-end administration site are both fully responsive and made to work across a range of desktop and portable devices. The new site offers a clean and stylish design that helps set the company apart from its competition and is search engine optimised for Google to help further promote the company's products and services.

Visit the Startin Tractors website

:: 21st July 2014 – Tucker EMS Ltd company website
Tucker EMS Ltd is a family run business based in South Devon, operating as a commercial, industrial and electrical contractor offering a wide range of bespoke services.

Cox Web Design was tasked with bringing their existing site up-to-date via a new, modern, clean and professional design. The site is fully responsive, automatically reorganising the layout to best optimise the screen display on mobile, tablet and desktop devices. The site was developed using PHP, MySQL and the Symfony framework, with a bespoke content management system allowing Tucker EMS Ltd to easily manage their own content.

The new website helps Tucker EMS stand out from their competition when tendering from contracts, reinforcing the quality of their brand and the services that they provide.

Visit the Tucker EMS Ltd website

:: 21st November 2013 – Launch of the new Eastern Fluid Power company website
Eastern Fluid Power (EFP) is a major provider of hydraulic equipment and technical expertise to the oil & gas, marine, manufacturing and many other industrial sectors.

EFP contacted Cox Web Design looking to redesign and modernise their existing website. The new, custom-built website features a clean and simple corporate design with an easy to use navigation system to make accessing information as simple as possible for the user.

Visit the Eastern Fluid Power website

:: 12th August 2013 – New Heritage Vehicle Sales Ltd Website
We were recently approached by Heritage Vehicle Sales Ltd to create a new site to sell, promote and manage their wide selection of restored Land Rover vehicles. The new website features a responsive layout that adapts to the device that is being used to view the site (such as mobile, tablet and desktop devices) to offer the best possible browsing experience.

Since launching the website, Heritage Vehicle Sales have noticed a significant weekly increase in the sale of their vehicles and are continuing to work with Cox Web Design to further develop their website and print based marketing material and stationary.

Visit the Heritage Vehicle Sales Website

:: 6th June 2013 – Network Rail - National Plant Exhibition
A couple of weeks ago we launched a new website in collaboration with Rail Media for Network Rail's annual National Plant Exhibition, the largest track plant event in the UK. The website was designed to coincide with the branding used on the company's main website found at and has been advertised in several publications, including the latest issue of the rail engineer. The system that we designed allows the events team at Network Rail to manage aspects of the website such as the site sponsors, tickets and content all via a bespoke, streamlined and easy to use content management system (CMS).

Visit the Network Rail National National Plant Exhibition Website

:: 16th May 2013 – TartyBikes - Integrated Card Payments and PCI-DSS
We are please to announce that the TartyBikes website now accepts integrated card payments, allowing customers to enter their card payment details as part of the checkout process. In the past customers have been redirected to external payment processors such as PayPal and Google Wallet in order to process credit and debit card information. The new system is integrated with PayPal Payments Pro and also incorporates Centinel's Cardinal Commerce 3D secure system for additional card security. The TartyBikes website is fully PCI-DSS compliant and a regular security audit is carried out by Security Metrics on the TartyBikes website and web server once every 3 months. If you would be interested in offering secure, integrated payments within your ecommerce site then please get in touch for further information.

Visit the TartyBikes Website

:: 28th February 2013 – Celebrations at Talent Cricket
Congratulations to Talent Cricket, who are celebrating 20 years of trading. We have temporarily updated their site to mark the occasion. Here is to another 20 years!

Visit the Talent Cricket Website

:: 13th February 2013 – New MacLogics Website
We have just released a new website for Maclogics, a small local specialist apple repair company based near Peterborough. MacLogics came to us wanting a clean and simple site with a minimalist design based on hand drawn illustrations provided by freelance artist Soraya Smithson. The website incorporates basic SEO and uses JQuery, along with cutting edge HTML5 canvas animation to create a more engaging user experience.

Visit the MacLogics Website

:: 28th January 2013 – New Rail Safety Summit Website
Today saw the launch of the new Rail Safety Summit Website. This is the third site that uses our bespoke central events administration system which we designed exclusively for Rail Media. The system allows the staff at Rail Media to alter and edit any of their sites from a single, easy to use, online management tool.

Visit the Rail Safety Summit Website